Wednesday, September 21

"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead."
- Charles Bukowski 

thanks heidi. or maureen. probably heidi :)

Monday, September 19

sitting at my desk in the office, dreaming of lands far away.

Kings of Convenience - Me in You from eirik bøe on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 27

completely just brightened my day.

Monday, July 18

some more soul music.
somehow these guys keep slipping into my frequently played lists. for good reason too. just got a hold of a new (?) album and am really digging this track.
fat freddy's drop- boondigga

Sunday, July 10

"i sometimes get this strange and uncontrollable urge to go home"

i had the great opportunity last week to see this wonderful film with a couple of friends at the palais. i've been anticipating seeing this on a big screen for some time, and while i knew it would be good, it was magical. from the breathtaking landscapes, chilling sounds, rad knitted sweaters to band members' children running into sets, and everyone just casually being totally cool with it, this totally has my heart.

please, watch it. if anything, you'll be convinced to visit iceland.

ran into my linguistics lecturer outside and we both agreed a cycling tour would be the way to go in iceland. 

Sunday, July 3

i believe i have mentioned before that i have been blessed with incredible people in my life i call friends. unfortunately for me, half of those live too far from here to even think about. this is one of the coolest. i believe you have met anna.
stockholm, gamla stan, nov. 20110
lucky for me, i have some pretty special ones here with me that put up with my constant whinging and planning to go back. makes me think, here or there, can't really win.

Saturday, July 2

FREITAG has brought out a backpack! if you're not convinced by the entire concept of FREITAG already, this vid (all filmed in their zurich factory) shows you that the quality of these bags can't be beaten. i love and use my leland-bag a lot, so good for uni. but probably wouldn't pass up one of these babies..

Thursday, June 30

so i like to think that i have great taste in music. basically because it's one of the things that makes me most happy and feel all sorts of silly things. my taste is pretty broad but i have a couple of artists on my list you may not expect that i absolutely love to death.

therefore i have to share my excitement with the whole world that papa and i just bought tickets too see ELTON JOHN here in melbourne this december. i really have no words. jaja!

... i need to run to the gym to work off some of this excitement.

Tuesday, June 28

these creatures sometimes just make me shiver.


Monday, June 27

couple of weeks ago kamaia and i got on a bus  with about 40 seniors (i'm being nice, we were the youngest by circa 60 years) and visited a few different sri lankan buddhist temples. it was really rad. we got the whole deal; tours, inspirational talks by legit monks and of course, quality conversation about religion and life with the wise oldies.
the whole thing was organised and funded by the counsel's interfaith program, which a lady in my ward is part of. i've been to a few of these interfaith events, and they're really great. despite having strong faith in my own beliefs, it's always an eye opening and bonding experience to interact and learn about other religions and views of life.

also, i blame my blog-absence on my lack of photoshop. not that i claim to know how to really do anything on it but since having upgraded my mac i haven't been able to buy it yet. pity us students.

Thursday, June 23

i know i'm joining the wagon pretty late on this one, but these guys make me feel like i'm walking home wearing a pleated skirt, oversized school bag and my tights to my ankles because of the heat, arm-in-arm with a best friend singing loudly along to the killers. main thing, not having a single care in the world.

i spent the last week (amongst other exam distractions) reading the scott pilgrim comics-highly recommend to all you closet geeks- and now fall right back into the story when i put them on.

in other news, i just found out they played at Reading last year and i had no idea who they were and completely didn't go. to be fair nofx was playing at the same time and i wouldn't have missed them anyway but- friend who failed to share, consider this as forgiven. no card pulled even.

Saturday, June 11

perhaps it's got something to do with it being exam time again but i'm hooked on freaks & geeks. it's so gold, too bad they only ever made 1 season.