Monday, June 27

couple of weeks ago kamaia and i got on a bus  with about 40 seniors (i'm being nice, we were the youngest by circa 60 years) and visited a few different sri lankan buddhist temples. it was really rad. we got the whole deal; tours, inspirational talks by legit monks and of course, quality conversation about religion and life with the wise oldies.
the whole thing was organised and funded by the counsel's interfaith program, which a lady in my ward is part of. i've been to a few of these interfaith events, and they're really great. despite having strong faith in my own beliefs, it's always an eye opening and bonding experience to interact and learn about other religions and views of life.

also, i blame my blog-absence on my lack of photoshop. not that i claim to know how to really do anything on it but since having upgraded my mac i haven't been able to buy it yet. pity us students.


  1. What baaabes. Kam told me about this adventure and I'm pretty excited about it. good work