Tuesday, June 9

Why, hello!

So, I've decided to start a blog. Whether anyone decides to read this or not, I've been wanting to write one for a while, posting random thoughts I have or sweet links or pictures that made me smile. I did have another blog for a little while that I started while I was studying in Japan in 2007.. but I'm yet to decide whether to add a link to that one onto here as I actually only posted a couple of times, and reading through it now kinda makes me cringe already. But who knows, I might feel real spontaneous one day and think what the hell.
A little about myself, I was born in Germany and lived there for half of my life, before moving to Melbourne, Australa. I'm finishing off my final year of high school and want to take a year off next year to move over to Hamburg, Germany to live with my brother for a few months before heading to my sister's place in Graz, Austria, before returning home to start university. What I'll do at uni isn't set in stone yet but I'm hoping to be able to study international business and continue japanese. The reason for that is that I spent a year in Shizuoka (approx. 300k west of Tokyo) in 2007; hence that other blog. While I'm in Germany, the plan is to get an internship at a firm hopefully in a small fashion house or something. I love fashion and want to know a little bit about how the industry works, before I begin to study the business side of things.
Right now I'm keeping myself busy working at a bookstore in an outer suburb of melbourne, which, on top of school, helps keep my mind off my boyfriend who is in New Zealand for the next two years on a mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, just a little bit. I'll do my best not to use this blog only as a way to vent my depressions/frustrations!


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