Tuesday, July 7

nice to meet you sir.

What are fun idea for a dinner party!

I can teach you how to tie a knot with a lolly-snake in your mouth. Why? Cos I'm awesome.

Pictures thanks to swissmiss


  1. Hmm package ideas.

    Candy is always a good one. I'm not sure if there would be much difference in the candy products between Australia and New Zealand [there were certain candies from Canada that weren't found in the U.S. so when I did send him candy, some of his friends at the MTC went nuts over it, although he really liked it since he didn't have access to those specific kinds] but who can't say no to candy? Comfort foods are also a good one. Truman likes white cheese macaroni. Although make sure it is something that can go over the border.

    I find practical stuff to be good. That's kind of hard to determine so you should ask if he needs anything. I got Truman patterned socks for his birthday which sounds strange, but he's the kind of guy who would think that was really cool.

    I can't emphasize sending pictures enough. I try to send as many pictures as I can whenever I can. If he doesn't already have a photo album to keep stuff in, you can send a small one. No guy would ever not love getting pictures of his girlfriend during time apart.

    Just think of stuff he likes that he might be missing perhaps. It's hard for Truman because he likes music and guitar and whatnot, but I can't really send him CDs or guitar stuff like I would usually get him for his birthday. I did send him a postcard of one of his favourite guitar players, and I sent him music tabs that he asked for. You just got to work with what you have.

    And if all else fails, make him something. A collage, a scarf, a poem, a drawing, baked goods anything. It will be something you put time and effort into and he'll really appreciate the gesture.

    I hope that was some help. I don't know if you wanted to send him something big or small, but I think I covered all areas. This reminds me that I should probably send Truman more care packages...

    If you have any more questions you know where to reach me. :)


  2. Also thank you!

    You'll get to six months sooner than you think. And I hear that afterwards it's a breeze. I can't attest to that yet, but I'll let you know when I can.

  3. Just realised that I had these notifications on the dashboard. I'm still getting used to the whole thing.
    Thanks heaps for the ideas, the ones on your blog were very useful too. I've already commented on your blog about what I thought but as a side note- he loved that with every item I'd put a little post-it and write why I put that in and something sweet. I sent a lot of little things, it was more of a "winter-care-package" than anything, but they were all little personal things which he said he really appreciated. I wasn't sure if I'd mentioned these things :)