Monday, October 26

This weekend has been rather crazy, compared to my last few. Just as well with exams being in full swing as of this friday. Having finished japanese and done my oral german exam, I only have 5 more to worry about, but I honestly can't wait until it is over. And then for one entire year I have nothing to worry about, learningwise. Is that even a word? Am I really ready to take this english exam?? Ahem, okay now I'm just rambling, it's all part of procrastinating.
So this weekend. It was pretty rad and I will post more details about it very very soon. I'll say some things though..
Joshua Radin..
two nights in a row..
second night getting in on the bands list,
and hanging out with them until the early hours, after the show..
Unfortunately I still don't own a decent camera and didn't have the right film for my Holga, so the photographs I took aren't amazing but I'll post at least one of the show up. Maybe even a short video if blogger doesn't take 10 years to upload it.
Back to the books!

What I wish i was doing while I sit at my desk pondering how I will procrastinate next...



  1. Good luck on your exams Marie, english isnt as bad as everything makes it out to be.. my opinion!

    K. now Joshua Raddin. my gosh. so you hung out with the band? Ill be honest here. jelousy.

    K K K go study! :) good luck

  2. so much fun! (our weekend. not the impending doom that is your exams)