Friday, November 13

As a lot of my friends know, I love stationary. Especially high-quality and expensive stationary. I just like aesthetics I guess and the feel of a nice and pretty note book, or a pen that writes smoothly across beautiful thick paper.
Coming to the end of the year, I'm getting rather excited about buying myself a new Moleskine. If you know about these, you've heard the legendary story of the Moleskine notebook..",which, I won't lie did help in converting me to buying them, but to me it's the diary's simplicity and beauty that draws me to buy them year after year. Its sweet cream paper, leather-bound with little clever things all through it. I'm also a huge fan of the rest of the range and use them for journals, notebooks and they are perfect for a "little black book". Can't wait to purchase one of the write-your-own-travel-books for my travels next year!
I'm using the 18-month softcover planner at the moment and really like the feel of the softcovers, but I'm pretty sure the 12-months only come in hardcovers. Damn.
Another stationary company that gets my blood pumping a little faster is Smythson, though unfortunately still a little out of my price range.
Yes, this entire post was purely about how much I love stationary and especially Moleskines.

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