Monday, November 16

I wish I was loaded and still lived in europe sometimes. These kids are hot!
The Sartorialist- On the Street, friends in Paris.

On another note, I made my first ever (from scratch) cupcakes yesterday, and either I have wonderfully nice friends, or they turned out pretty great. I picked up this book from work and plan to bake myself through it. Eventually, and hopefully, one day, my cupcakes will resemble those in the pictures.
{note, my cupcakes did not yet resemble those in the pictures... one day..}


  1. Oh Marie, Europe will house us one day. I am positive about this.
    Where do you work?
    I like the previous comment too- that site was pretty rad.

  2. I work at Angus & Robertson bookstore, which, as cool as it is working in a bookstore, is not so great when it's a company that's more focused on its sales than its individual customers needs. that being said, we did get that awesome colourig book in and i do get to spend my shifts discussing literature with people that genuinely care so I do love it. Plus the company isn't all that bad.. ignore anything I've said haha.