Sunday, November 1

Since I'm already procrastinating, I thought I may aswell do a quick post about last weekend and upload some photos.
{I apologise in advance for the poor quality in the photographs. I don't own a decent camera yet and didn't want to take many photos on the first night. It was a really small and intimate gig which a flash easily ruins.}
So, friday night was the long awaited night of the Joshua Radin gig.
After finishing work Kamaia and I made our way down to the Northcote (I feel like a regular there!), unfortunately missing the supporting acts. I've noticed that often the supporting acts they put on there are actually pretty rad. We met up with Jacob and sneakily made our way as close to the front as we could.. there was some pretty decent effort put into this.
The show was quite good, a little weird at times, because Joshua was really sick and had apparently been given the no-go from the doctor, but still came on stage.
So we heard some stories, a bit of poetry and a couple of songs from their new stuff.
The fact that he was sick turned out to be alright actually because it meant he was singing most of the stuff accoustically.
Afterwards we hung around a bit chatting and ended up talking to the band and meeting Joshua and long story short we were on the bands list for the next nighs gig at the Gerschwin Room.
{in terms of accoustics and intimacy--not really the most idealistic venue}
We left after that in fear of looking like groupies ha.
That show ended up being pretty awesome too. It was really sweet because he was feeling better and the set was completely different and they played a lot of their new record, which won't actually be recorded until next year. Lame.
Afterwards Kamaia and I just hung out with the rest of the band going to various bars until they kicked us out and bid them goodbye sometime sunday morning.
Got home, had about 2 hours of sleep, and was up to go to church.
All in all, a very good weekend.
Oh and they totally promised me that I could play piano and do back up vocals next time their in Australia or if they tour Europe again next year ;) wickeddd.
Well, if it ever happens, but it is nice to dream.

{Taken via iPhone}

This is for you Amanda!