Friday, November 27

So the other night, my friend Jacob and I went to see Cocoon.
They're a little cute two-piece, indie-folk, french band visiting Australia for the first time.
The performance was truly amazing, and I must say that unlike some other bands I've seen perform live, they were even better in person. And way prettier. Especially Mark Daumail. My, my, my.
I've decided I'm so going to marry a muso.
Preferably french.
And pretty.
Their humor and european-ness was fantastic and I loved it.

I only had my iphone with me so the picture quality again is not great.
Because it was a french themed night "So Frenchy, So Chic", another french band, Moriarty, followed, which weren't that lovable. The band itself was actually pretty rad, it was just the lead singer's voice that made you want to stick a fork in your eye.
Though one guitarists looked like Bob Dylan in the 60's.
Jeans tucked into boots and all.
He was pretty cool.
If your unfamiliar with Cocoon, listen to this:

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