Thursday, January 28

This Icelandic bombshell has been dominating my itunes-recently-played list as of late, so I thought I'd share. Her music is pretty chilled out and fun, and I just like her quirky style and uniqueness. I know, doesn't describe her music whatsoever but this is just what I'm feeling from her. 'Birds' is the first song I heard, and I love it.

Actually, I've noticed that my artist choices have shifted to mostly to female indie singer/songwriters. No idea how that's come about, I've never been the feminist or feminine type of and must say that the majority of my favourite bands/artists are male.
I'm not sure if this post makes much sense or has much point to it, it's late and I just finished a 12 hour shift.
Summary: listen to Emiliana Torrini & enjoy good music. Goodnight.

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  1. love her. have you listened to her older album yet? doooo it.