Saturday, April 17

18 days and counting.
I cannot believe how quickly the time for me to leave has crept up on me.
I'm slowly getting excited, too. I know, I know, how could I not be? But I have been planning for this trip for too long, and the fact that it's actually happening is still a little surreal.
A few things have also now been planned.
I arrive in Hamburg on the 6th of May and have already booked flights to Austria, to surprise my sister for the 10th.
Little did I know that 6 months ago, they had already booked a family holiday to Croatia from the 9th, so now I have to follow them there. Poor me.
The best part is, that she has no idea that I'm coming and is absolutely going to scream. I can't wait!
Then it's back to Austria for the big family weekend, and then flying back to Berlin to meet my brother at one of his design conferences and to catch up with some old friends, before heading back to hamburg and finally being able to spend some time with my other nephew and get to know this beautiful city.

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