Monday, May 10

Hamburg. Day 1.

I flew in late Thursday night after a long long flight, which was actually pretty enjoyable. On the second flight I even had 3 spare seats next to me so I got to spread myself out, drown myself in blankets and sleep a bit.
Not sure whether this had a positive or negative effect on my jet lag, as the next day I spent just as if I was completely used to living in this time zone, but the next day I completely crashed. And I could still sleep all day.

Friday was my sister-in-law, Anja's birthday so we had (amazing german) cake for breakfast fresh from the bakery, went into the city for lunch and a bit of shopping/exploring and then down to the famous hamburg harbour-as it was its birthday too. As you may be able to imagine, any-sort-of-special-occasion/day+lot's of german people in the streets= good excuse to drink lot's of beer. All day long.
It wasn't too bad because the weather was pretty horrible (imagine 5 degree weather with constant drizzle) and so the streets weren't completely packed with people, beer in hand.
They had set up a big carnival down by the water, with countless pretzel/beer/sausage stands and had famous ships and boats from different countries come through for people to watch. I was a bit distracted by all the german yummy-ness, I didn't snap too many photo's of the ships.

After a walk through St. Pauli (Hamburg's red light district) a visit to possibly the cutest cupcake shop I've ever been to and a power nap, we went out again for dinner to a, get this, Austrian and Asian Cuisine restaurant. Yes, those exist. It was pretty much really rad snitzel with various austrian salads and sushi, sashimi and tempura. Pretty sweet combination if you ask me. I guess one of the owners must have been Austrian, one Japanese and they just couldn't decide over which culture to go with. Worked for us.

How adorable is this place?
Please excuse the jet lag stricken face, I was so, so le tired.


  1. Coming back to Melbs I had three seats and it was amazing, but I wasn't entirely sure when I got back- if I should have been tired or completely awake.

    it looks freezing! But so great.

  2. haha 'le tired', just have a le nap silly girl!
    your nephew is gorgeous. keep the pictures a-coming friend!

  3. oh you have been to "Liebes Bisschen" wonderful..hope you enjoyed Hamburg
    To your question...I go by train to costs 78 EUR forth and back but sometimes you can get it even for 39 which is a super special ticket but you need to book in advance usually take the train or the ryanair airoplane company to book cheap flights...hope this helps
    Have fun in Europe