Monday, May 31

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I miss japan. I know, I'm in friggen europe and I'm complaining and wishing that I was somewhere else too. I'm a spoilt child.
No, but I do miss it, and especially the people. The ones close to me, and also the ridiculously polite ones in the street, the ones that would stare at me because I have blonde curly hair and even the ones that would fall asleep on my lap on a peak-hour train in the mornings.
There's something you should also know, japanese people don't really like confrontation and will do almost anything to avoid telling you the truth and possibly hurting your feelings. Except telling you that you've gained weight. For some reason it's completely "okay" to say to your host daughter "oh my you have stacked on quite the kilos". I couldn't resist their amazing convenience stories (konbini) that happened to be on every street corner, alright?
I met up with some other friends from australia, north of tokyo for a weekend once and had some "Freshness Burger" and was given this newspaper cutout which is like a local-english-translated newspaper's 'self-help' column. I hope that, gathering from the little info above regarding the japanese culture and their inability to hurt someones feelings (bless them) on purpose, you get that this is hilarious.
Just randomly found sifting through some old pictures.

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  1. this is the funniest advice column inquiry i have ever read. hilarious.