Thursday, June 10

So I'm thinkin', add Iceland to my trip?

Yes, pleeeeaaase!

Okay, so unfortunately it's not part of Eurail's Global Pass, meaning that unless I get my hands on some sweet sweet money to finance a trip up north, it'll have to wait a little. I've always wanted to ride around Iceland anyway, and will probably need a bit more time than what I have.

Oh yeah, and something about volcanoes?


  1. oh yes the eeugfssdkhkhrggg volcano! do it! there is also a very slight chance you might bump into someone from sigur ros (iceland can't be that big? ha) here's hoping the good townspeople will buy enough sausages to fund your trip!

  2. okay so you read my last blog post so you understand that I cant watch this video at the moment because my family already hates me. BUT. Just the title and that screen capture have me desperate. Dessssperate. to watch it. oh my gosh

    and Iceland is going to happen one day. no questions asked. (for me anyway) girlll dont be spendin that money from the sausage shop. Iceland!!

  3. um yes. freaking amazing. just watched vid- love.