Sunday, October 24

Die Schweiz
the last chapter. (for now)

Lots of cows with cow-bells (really loud), mountains and lakes, new and familiar faces and random crazy adventures as per usual. 

We drove up to Melchtaal where there was a ysa church convention, which is where Anna and I parted. After spending 3 weeks sleeping next to eachother every night and spending all day together, it definitely was weird to be on my own. Of course I still wasn't on my own for a few more days, but I did miss my travel buddy a bit. 
Then I visited the Temple in Bern for a couple of days, spent a couple of spontaneous days and night in Zurich, an afternoon in St. Gallen with new friends (I met so so many great people on my travels!) and a night somewhere in the countryside in a tiny town which name I can't remember. I couldn't believe how safe the place was too. People don't even lock their doors in that town. And the train going out of it went about 50km and the little school kids would half hang out of its windows. Made me smile.
I truly love Switzerland and the people I was blessed to meet there. 
See you on the slopes over New Years!

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  1. why has no one commented on this post?
    the photos are GORGEOUS.
    as are YOU! happy week!