Friday, October 8

My adventure began with a big pack on my back, attached to it a yoga mat and a red ukulele. Hand in hand with my friend Anna we first made our way to Schaten, Austria, a beautiful tiny town in the country and spent the weekend with family, old wonderful faces and new life long friends. Let me tell you, there were some unforgettable times.
From there we drove to Vienna and spent a couple of days with friends and took an early early flight into Italy. Now, this is where something horrible happened. I lost my camera. That's right, breathe, gone. Therefore I'm still waiting on the photos off Anna's camera and another friends before I can blog about Austria, Italy and of course, Finland, which is the next place our adventure took us.
But because I couldn't and didn't want to wait any longer, I'm just going to start with the next place on the list: Switzerland.
August 1st, which also happened to be my birthday, began on a train station floor in some little town south of germany, about an hour and a bit from the swiss border. We were woken by the sounds of the first train of the day leaving (just happened to be ours) so we grabbed our sleeping bags and ran only to realise that we missed it.
Actually, I should backtrack, we flew into berlin from helsinki earlier the day before and decided to save some cash and a flight and take the epic journey of regional trains from north germany down to switzerland. 20 hours, including a 3-5 hour stop at previously mentioned train station some time after midnight.
Long story short, we arrived in beautiful, sunny  Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, went to the church there, met extremely beautiful people who took us home with them, made us food and gave us beds for the night, and a lift up into the mountains the next day. We spent the afternoon talking, making music and swimming in the nearby lake in the sun.
upon landing in berlin from helsinki and not much sleep

 i believe i mentioned it was a 20 hour trip. boredom got to us eventually
 happy birthday to me! after waking up on a train station floor. mmm.. 
 suprise, i've been hiding this cake in my backpack..

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  1. everything sounds and looks magical. nearly got caught up with all the pretty images on your blog i couldn't find the comment box! missing you friend!