Friday, January 7

i decided that i'm just going to randomly continue with the travel log of the summer when i feel like it. because i actually need to do it, for my own sake even. 
so after france, i was debating on either going down south, i reeeally wanted to see some of the south of france and go in direction of barcelona, or back through eastern europe. i figured things might get a little too romantic looking down there to be by myself so i decided on going east. prague it was. first though i made a quick day stop in graz to wash some clothes at my sisters place. thank you for the random night train headed to graz that i happened to walk by 10 mins before departure and for my sisters family living right near the station. needless to mention they got quite a surprise when i turned up at their door at 7am requesting use of the washing machine.
we spent a pretty and sunny day with the kids at a jumping castle park, followed by some intense yoga and by 7pm i was back on the train, this time headed for prague. (example of how i kept sane travelling solo 5 weeks: random visits to loved ones.)

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