Tuesday, April 5

"Thank you industrialization. Thank you steel mill. Thank you power station. And thank you chemical processing industry that gave us time to read books."

i've recently come across TED talks. amazing, inspiring, enlightening and uplifting. this one here i just watched today. something i'm trying to improve on in my life. plus mr. rosling is just great.


  1. TED talks are awesome. I should save my favourites.
    We had a mormon director come and talk to us the other week. He's not famour for being mormon by any means but has produced some really really impressive commercials and he directed 'Glory Road'. Anyway, he's doing a TED talk soon and he gave us a short version of what he'll be saying. Freaking amazing guy.

  2. TED talks are great. I have a talk that isn't a TED talk but could be. I'll find the link and post it sometime soon.

  3. This video really brought me back down to earth, to reality. Thanks.