Thursday, June 11

hair disaster

So I've had the worst couple of days, well couple of weeks really, but I won't go into that..
I had finally booked a very over-due hair appointment at this new place I'd never been before, because a friend of mine went there and it was pretty cheap and it looked like they'd done quite a good job with her hair. I pretty much went in and asked for what I usually get done, a few blonde foils just to make the re-growth go away. Then, she suggests that I should try another shade of blonde aswell, to make it look more natural, so I was like sweet, why not? I had no idea that she had planned to pretty much dye all of my head with all these different blondes and eventually not leave any of my natural hair colour in, which is what she did. Anyways, I won't go any more into detail but my hair turned out yellow. That's right, yellow. So I went home and washed it, which made it stand out even more and rang her up to tell her that I'm not happy with it and to fix it. So then I went back and she bleached more of it, put a toner through it ect. so it did look a lot better than it did beforehand but I didn't want to do anything else to it, since I was in a hurry to get to my dinner date with Donna.
My hair was so blonde, I seriously couldn't take it. On top of that, you could see really bad re-growth straight away and it just looked real trashy. So before work today I dropped in to the hairdressers across from our store and they couldn't believe what the woman had done yesterday. They said I should go back and get her to do it again, but honestly, I couldn't take going back again and didn't even think that she'd actually be able to fix it. They asked where I did it and as it turns out one of them gets her nails done at the same place and so she called her up for me to see if I could get my money back. It was so nice of her! Turns out I can, so I have to do that tomorrow, which is pretty annoying but I'm so glad I can. So then I booked in with these ladies that helped me out straight away and hopefully have a normal head of hair again tomorrow. Luckily it's not yellow anymore, it's just super blonde and the re-growth is really visible. I hate looking like trash. So yeah, that was my little hair adventure, I can definately say I've learnt a bit from that experience- next time I don't care if I have to pay more as long as I know exactly what I'm getting. And if I'm not happy with it at the salon, I won't leave until I am. I suppose that's the only positive way I realy can think about it.

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