Thursday, June 11

On A More Poisitve Note

I'm real excited to go and see The Middle East on saturday night with Kamaia. They're a pretty unknown indie/folk australian band all the way from Townsville. Hopefully with all the recent touring and a bit of luck they'll get signed soon. Can't wait to see them!
Also, I've been quite a bit of a fan of Portugal The Man for a couple of years now, but only ever had the Church Mouth album, but the other day, I decided to invest in their first which is Waiter: You Vultures!. I must say that it's a pretty amazing album. Their music style is rooted in indie, but their songs also contain elements of soul, blues, and folk music, which all in all give them a pretty sweet sound. Give them a listen, they've got a new album coming out July this year. I wish more good bands toured to Australia.

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