Saturday, September 26


I know I have been extremely slack in updating this, with anything substancial apart from pictures I like, but my life has been super hectic these last few weeks. The parents will be arriving back in Melbourne monday morning (freaking 4.30am!) and then I should be able to fit in things that I haven't been able to these last 6 weeks due to, oh I don't know, having to grocery shop because I've once again let the fridge get completely empty, or something else that I'm not usually responsible for needs to get done. I know I'm whinging and sound like a child, but I would love a rest from responsibilities for a little while... Although exams are approaching way too fast for me to handle, so I'll probably have a while to go.
Actually, back to groceries and shopping for them.. I secretly kinda love it.. walking through the isles, and even get a little (ok, a lot) excited when something has a yellow tag it saying it's discounted. Amanda, you know what I'm talking about ;)
Oh, and I think everyone who reads this should go and listen to Regina Spektors new album 'Far', because it is amazing and I have been unable to put anything else in my car cd player since early last week.

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