Monday, September 28

"I almost wish we were butterflies
and liv'd but three summer days--
three such days with you
I could fill with more delight
than fifty common years
could ever contain. "
- John Keats, Letter to Fanny Brawne, 1819

I cannot wait to see this film. Unfortunately, due to austrlia being ridiculously behind, it won't be in cinemas here until late december. It conjures John Keats through the eyes of the woman who becomes infatuated with him, only to see him die of consumption at 25. The love and and the death both unfold at an exquisite pace, as a poetic courtship—a deflowering of innocent genius.


  1. One doesn't hear the word "consumption" used in this fashion all that much any more, does one?

  2. Doesnt the cinematography look amazing already!! eeee