Saturday, September 5

birthday dinner.

I know this is really really overdue, but I hadn't been bothered scaning in any polaroids till now, I've been super busy.
So we spent the evening at a traditional Yakinuku restaurant in Chinatown in Melbourne. I could not get enough of these places back in Japan and have been craving them ever since I've been back. Yakiniku pretty much = Meat restaurant. Well, "fried meat" to be exact. You just order all this meat that comes out in thin slices and then cook it yourself over hot coals in the middle of your table. It's fantastic. There's really no point in ordering any of the vegetable dishes on the menu when you're there. Wow, if you read one of my last posts then this, I probably come across like some sort of animal. But I'm not, I just really like meat. Like, really like it.
We also tried some Oysters which was very funny. Everytime I've tried them up until now I have not been able to down one. It's quite sad really. I just can't stand the texture.
After dinner I thought I'd keep up the cultural japanese theme and we hung out at a Karaoke bar. Also very fun :)

Thanks guys for spending a wonderful night with me :)

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