Monday, September 7

my holga has arrived!

That is all.
Does anything else really need to be said?
Silly people didn't send me film with it though, as promised on the website.
I have to admit, I feel a little jibbed.**
Although the jibbed feeling is more than slightly overcome by my joy of holding my newest toy.
I just bought some film on ebay for the time being.
Anyone have any fave films, tips or modifications?

what's with people selling things over the internet and LYING in descriptions?? our supposebly 100 colourful slapbands only turned out to be 96 slapbands! that's right, amanda, whit and i bought 100 (really 96) slapbands on ebay. jealous?... maybe i should rethink those christian loubotins for a while.. }

I didn't take these pics, of course, but cannot wait to get my hands on some film so I can start.
I'm sure my photographs will be far from this qualty though.

1 comment:

  1. yay! and its way cute too. i can't wait till you start taking pictures with it :)