Wednesday, July 7

I spent a couple of days in Berlin a about a month ago (I know, I've been slack at updating), catching up with friends I hadn't seen in years and doing some sightseeing.
For half of my life I lived about 1-2 hours north of this amazing place, yet never really got to know the city until now. I went there for a few days over the weekend too, but figure I should probably catch up on previous trips before I start posting about that.


  1. awesome pretty pictures as usual!

    That Indian fellow looks just like Chief from Peter Pan and I totally just mentioned PP in my last post. love to neverland!

    Im shutting up now. Keep the pics coming.

  2. the maze ones made me laugh. i love it. i concur with the above. keep them a-coming!

  3. those pictures taken between the gray walls are sa-weeeet.

  4. these photos look great, like you're having an awesome time

  5. a YSA conference here?!
    we're in montreux, switzerland, but we're off to berlin next week and sweden the week after.

    we've wanted to find a church around here, but it's been hard