Monday, February 7

i've been home for 2 weeks now. except that it doesn't feel like home anymore. my life needs to be begun and i have never been more unsure of the direction that i'm throwing myself into. awesome.

i have, however, re-discovered this awesome group called freelance whales. have a listen!


  1. this picture is insanely lovely. just gorgeous. hope you find that direction... having fun while trying.

  2. I must say... you have impeccable music taste... as for your direction, i'm in the same position right now, but I've decided mission after Germany and then I'll really figure out my life, good luck!

  3. Hey Marie. Good luck with this cause for realz, I'm in a major crisis trying to figure things out. But sometimes I think I don't really need to worry about it. but then I need action..and which country should I be in? How am I supposed to know? What will happen if I stay? etc etc.

    Hear, hear. Them freelance whales can help us decide.