Tuesday, February 15


these are the goals.
when i walked into my room coming back to australia, from a year away, i was shocked at the amount of things i have. what's worse, i now had to add all the new things that i'd brought back with me to it. i'll admit, i was more shocked to realize the amount of books i really own and don't have place for.
anyway, i think sometimes it's these things that we don't really need that consume our lives, making us want and think we need more stuff, letting us forget the more important, immaterial, things. things that can really bring happiness. and time to do these things. things things things. my english vocab is dying. 
i'm starting with the wardrobe, moving onto my big desk (which will soon be a big empty desk ready to bring inspiration and creativity) and so on.
soo, any tips?!
basically what i'm saying is that i want to get rid of everything i own, travel the world and play gypsy some more.


  1. that hasn't happened yet? am i right? i love books, i think its awesome to own them, its a representation of knowledge. And i am very jealous of you book collection